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CoCo’s and CeCe’s

The first Sunday of my stay in Nashville we had Coco’s Italian Restorante and Market for lunch after church. This fun market was authentically Italian. I walked in saying “Hey y’all” and walked out saying “Ciao” in most Italian accent I could muster up. The market had Nutella the size of my head, authentic gelato, tools & ingredients straight from under the Tuscan sun, and mucho more.

The attached restaurant is just as authentic as the market. We each had a different dish from the menu and luckily I got to taste all of them and in turn I can fill you in on the level of delicious-ness each dish captured.

Dish Uno

Oh momma this appetizer. Yes, please, and thank you. Bruschetta with all the trimmings drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette that I may or may not have licked off the plate. You know the meal is going to be good when you start out this good.

Dish Due, Tre, and Quattro

Penne al Fresco – fancy schmansy name for a simply delicious pesto and chicken pasta. If you are a fan of pesto and pasta – this dish is calling your name.

Chicken Pepper Melt – Chicken Parm on Panini with pesto sauce. This was my dish. It was good – but if I went back I think I would have chosen one of the other dishes. Chicken Parmesan – If you aren’t the adventurous type and want a quality noodles, red sauce, and parmesan breaded chicken – this is the dish for you. If I’m being honest, I only had the leftovers of this, so it could have easily blown my socks off if I had it fresh out of the oven.

E Dish Cinque

This one is not as authentically Italian, but it definitely was the size of Italy. We all joined forks to conquer this colossal New York Cheesecake – and boy oh boy was it good. My notion is to skip the mediocre gelato and go for the MmmmMmmm good cheesecake.

After the tab was paid we each kissed the tips of our fingers and proclaimed delizioso to anyone who would listen.

Later in the afternoon my precious parents said their goodbyes and hit the road back to Alabama. When they left I considered mourning the lack of their presence in my adorable new condo, but settled on spreading my wings and exploring the city with another sweet friend that is in Nashville for May.

We met up at Centennial Park because there was an enormous craft fair taking place on the grounds of the park. This was enormously fun and we decided the fun had to continue. Both of us are new to the area and only slightly familiar with the honkey-tonk jungle that surrounded us.

Adventure took us a few miles south of Nashville to Franklin. Sarah knew the Franklin area so we went with what we knew best (eeehmm..what she knew best is what I knew best).

The small town USA feel of Franklin was a great start to our time in Nashville. We are both used to the quaint feel of Auburn, and Franklin helped inch us into the city-country feel of Nashville.

As we were walking down the street both of our gazes fell upon one of the few doors that was actually open – Sweet CeCe’s Ice Cream, an ice cream chain that reaches many states and cities across America. Though I wasn’t familiar with it before that moment, chances are I will be. This FroYo place was a classic. Not too many flavors – so the choices weren’t overwhelming. Thus, if you want to have a vast array of flavor choices, this place may not be for you. They had the basics (aka cupcake batter) so I was a happy ginger.

In addition to the flavors they had a great setup of toppings. Canisters lined the walls with every topping imaginable. You can go crazy here. Tip: The pricing is by cup size and not weight – so feel free to go crazy, but don’t get the biggest size expecting to fill it with whipped cream and only pay 27 cents. You will be sorely disappointed. In your best Bon Qui Qui accent: Welcome to Sweet CeCe’s where you can have it your way – and do go crazy.

Following the sweet treat from Sweet Cece’s (and she is indeed so sweet if anything like her ice cream) we walked off some of that sugar on the main street of Franklin. Granted, it was Sunday so most of the stores were closed, but that didn’t stop us from cupping our eyes against the window peering into the assortment of adorable shops.

Oh Franklin we will be back soon.

Coming next to There Goes Red – a look into Loveless Cafe.










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