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Loving the Loveless Cafe

Loveless Cafe This iconic Nashville eatery may be a bit of a drive from the city center, but locals and travelers alike flock here. This once hotel on Highway 100 only served up chicken on simple picnic tables. Some amazingly brilliant mind had the bright idea to expand this small venture into a home-cooking restaurant. Oh what I would pay to go back in time and plant a big kiss on the lips of that man. This restaurant has evolved into a small village of shops and soon a big venue for weddings/events.

Loveless Cafe Yard Games There are many stars to this show – the adorable merchandise, yard games, and southern soul food, but the made-from-scratch biscuits and jam win the Grammy, Oscar, and Tony (of food of course).

These are buttery

Loveless Cafe Bisucts They are fluffy

Loveless Cafe Biscuts And they are dang good.

Slather a little more butter and some peach jam on one. Next you should request sorghum to put on another. Once you get your main dish slide some of that ham (or any meat) on another. I know exactly what you are thinking now – what happens when you run out. Oh just wait. Your mind shall be blown.

Loveless Cafe Peach PreservesThey keep ‘em coming. Which is glorious and dangerous at the same time.

I’ve heard the desserts are sweet as desserts come, but after all of those biscuits we just didn’t make it to dessert – the meal massive enough to produce food babies (lets be real..I had food twins).

Blackberry JamPro/Con List:

-Slightly pricy (meals are around $12-$17). My sister and I shared a main dish that was 3 meats and 2 sides and it was around $16. So yes, pricy, but the dishes are big enough to share.

-Long wait times (we waited 45 minutes and we got there around 1:00). Expect to wait.

-Adorable shops to browse in during your wait. This completely makes up for the longer waits. Imagine a Cracker Barrel village complete with adorable merchandise and multiple stores. It was just enough to explore for a 45 minute wait.

-Delicious main dishes. Not the best country cooking I have ever had, but right on up there. Take this with a grain of salt because my mommas cooking set the bar really high.

-The Biscuits are enough to go back again.

Loveless Cafe GiftFinal Verdict:

I will be back here before I leave this beautiful town. This restaurant screams Bill Hopewell (my father) and if anything I aim to introduce him to this bounty of butter and grease.

What's a trip to Loveless without the cliche picture!




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