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Tacos Por Favor

Nashville knows how to serve up grub from nations across the globe (or so I’ve heard and slightly experienced). Today is a short feature on two great tex-mex restaurants in Nashville – Baja Burrito and The Local Taco.

First up: Baja Burrito

My trusty Nashville newbie exploring partner, Sarah Tate, introduced me to this tasty burrito joint local to the Barry Hill neighborhood. The line was out the door at 1:00 and understandably so.


Think back to that first time you went to Chipotle…if you are anything like me – your palms stated sweating, your eyes darted from the menu to the line of steaming food to people making their bowls, you got self-conscious that your ordering would be slow and you wouldn’t understand what the server is saying. Ok so maybe that was just me.

Anyway, you will get a taste of that when you step into this Mexican oasis.


Take a deep breath before you order, take your time scanning that blackboard, and prepare yourself for a divine meal straight from Mexico (err Nashville).


I had the taco salad, the fish taco comes highly recommended, and Sarah Tate swears by the barbacoa burrito. I honestly don’t think you could go wrong here. Just make sure to pair your meal with the Fruit Tea and finish thing off with a Las Paletas Pop (local gourmet popsicles).

Next: The Local Taco


I enjoyed this meal alongside my precious friend Elizabeth Fortin. This Memphis local was in town for the day and we did some exploring together around the Sylvan Park neighborhood. Some of our other finds will be highlighted in the coming weeks! In the meantime, The Local Taco will spend some time in the limelight.


This was a eclectic restaurant highlighting some great tex-mex flavors and dishes. We both tried different tacos and sides including but not limited to: black bean & corn salsa, local BBQ taco, Cuban corn, and the fish taco. All of which were delectably delicious.


It was conveniently a beautiful day that allowed us to nom on the patio. Lights adorned the ceiling – which would make for a fun environment for some dinner tacos on a warm summer night. The meals consistently rolled out of the kitchen and my wondering eyes were caught by some beautiful salads and a delicious looking bowl of guac. Those will definitely be on my order the next time around.


Although not local to Nashville (despite the name) I consider this a fond find upon Nashville eateries.

Next up – Burgers of Nashville. Get excited.




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