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Feature: Porter Flea

Oh hello there. I received an award today. It is the worst blogger ever award. Rule #1-47 in blogging is consistency. I’ve never been one to follow the rules. Well with me you take what you get. Today you get a sneak peak into Porter Flea.

Porter Flea is a craft/artisan market/local pantry/handmade emporium that happens twice a year – once before Christmas and once in the summer. Man oh man am I happy to have made it to the summer one (and there is a 294% chance I will be back for the Christmas one – unless the apocalypse happens of course).
I have been to flea markets. I have been to craft fairs. I have been to the national championship (not relevant, but War Eagle) and those events don’t even slightly stand up to Porter Flea (ok well the 2012 National Championship did, War Eagle to that.)

This event is quite frankly the creative talent swarming in Nashville (minus the music). One thing I have realized is that Nashville has some artistic juices flowing through its veins. Letterpressed posters are everywhere you turn around. Thanks in part to Hatch Show Print for starting that up in 1879 – talk about trend setting. Locally made and grown food – why eat anything else? Want some hand made leather bags (Emil Erwin), jeans (Imogene and Willie), or bowties (Otis James)? Nashville takes pride in the unique talent of each and every individual – and rightfully so.

You get the point – Nashville knows their craftsmanship. Porter Flea is simply an event that highlights this talent and makes it accessible to the newbies like me who are still awestruck that you can go to a different farmers market every day.
A few of my favorite vendors at Porter Flea were:

Shops-Acorn and Archer,Camellia Fiber Company, Meat and 3 printing Co, Miriam Designs, NisoloMitchell Bat CompanyNative Bear, Consider the Wildflowers, and MANY more.

Food- The Peach Truck, Sunday Morning Pancake Mix,East Nashville Spice Company,and Nola Granola.

The next porter flea is December 7. Hope to see ya there!



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