“A Week in Nashville” – Day 1

Now that I am home from Nashville I want to share with you a roundup of my favorite eats and explorations in the Music City. Much pondering has come with this roundup. Should I do it by neighborhood or by cuisine or by ranking of favorites? Literally toiled long and hard folks. I have come up with a master plan – for the next few weeks (most likely 3 weeks) I will have a series – “A week in Nashville”. I will share with what I would do in Nashville if I were only there a week. Believe me – it will be a jam-packed week. I would heed with caution before doing everything in an actual week unless you want to make a trip to the Green Hills Mall to buy some bigger pants.

Whether you are coming into Nashville by train, car, boat, train, motorcycle, Segway, bicycle, or foot you will want some wheels to explore Nashville. Otherwise, you would be very limited in your exploration. Once you get your hands on a set of wheels make your way to East Nashville for some delicious burgers at The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden.


There are few places I visited twice, but I made my way back over to The Pharmacy again when the parents came into town. I enjoyed it once and boy did I enjoy it twice. Another rare thing happened at this joint – I ordered the same thing both visits – The Mission City Burger. This burger is 100% Tennessee Beef nestled between a specialty bun trimmed with guacamole, pico de gallo, slow-cooked black beans, and horchata crema fresca. That combination is like Christmas Day for your taste buds.


My first visit at The Pharmacy I had a Vanilla Phosphate, one of their house made sodas, and it was top-notch yum. Super sweet and definitely unique. Their milkshakes also looked delicious. They use ice cream from a local creamery in East Nashville – The Pied Piper Creamery (appearing in a blog post near you soon). This will definitely be on my ticket next visit – I can think of nothing better than washing down that burger with a creamy and smooth chocolate milkshake. Take me back now please?

The Pharmacy is a great place to commune with friends, enjoy the fresh air on the large patio, and fulfill your stomachs longings with some great food. When you combine those three elements it is truly an unforgettable experience. Tip: The line can get really long here so a late lunch or early dinner is a great option.


Sadly I do not have a remedy for the food coma you will go through, but I do have some great recommendations of places to rest during that time. Like any big city, the hotels are abundant here. Also like any big city, there are a few hotels that are unique and even iconic. I stayed in an apartment so I don’t have any personal reviews for these hotels, but I do have some pictures from my explorations in two of these hotels – The Hutton Hotel and Union Station Hotel.

Other great hotels to consider in Nashville are:

  • Hermitage Hotel – If you want to be a socialite for a night or two!
  • Gaylord Opryland – I have stayed here a good number of times and have loved it. Only con’s are: not near Nashville city center, enormous, crowded, and touristy. Christmas is a great time to stay here – the decorations across the hotel are spectacular!
  • Embassy Inn and Suites –A family favorite. Lots of room per suite and a free breakfast – what else do you need?
  • End O The Bend Lodge & Landing – this place looks cozy!
  • The Timothy Demonbreun House – to get your bed and breakfast fix
  • Airbnb – If you are staying more than a few nights this is a great option. You can rent out a house or part of a house for a few nights. Sounds unsafe, but I have never heard anything but great experiences from this. Heed with caution though!

Get nestled into those clean hotel sheets and make sure to remove (and savor) the chocolate on your pillow. Dream dreams of the wonderful adventures to come during your stay in Nashville!

Hopefully there will be a few feature posts scattered among the “A week in Nashville” – similar to my Porter Flea post from Wednesday! I have truly enjoyed my time in Nashville more than I could have ever thought. I’ve learned so much about photography and marketing through my internship at BWH2 Photography (as well as being a full time wife, mother AND photographer), the value of friendship when moving to a new city alone, finding and thriving in what makes me passionate, and most of all – the unending love that Jesus Christ has for each and every person in this bustling city. Ok – the unending and abundant love that Jesus Christ has for me, for you, for my neighbors, for the homeless, for the lawyers, for the Turks, for the baristas, for the cooks, for the mailmen, for the lowly, for the sinners – because He is our Savior. I’m so thankful to have been constantly reminded of that during my stay in Nashville.

Be looking out for Day Two coming at ‘cha soon!













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