“A Week In Nashville” – Day 2

The Grilled Cheeserie

When in Nashville pull out those smartphones and track down the Grilled Cheeserie. This grilled-cheese food truck parades it’s infamous sandwiches all around Nashville. They have their weekly schedule posted on their website, live locations on twitter, and a phone number you can text for their current location.

The Grilled Cheeserie was love at first bite. I had the B&B of Tennessee which features Benton’s Bacon, peach jam, and buttermilk cheddar on Multigrain Bread. My mouth is watering and my stomach is rumbling just thinking about it.  What a combo! You hesitant? The base of the simple bread and cheese with the added sweetness of peach and the savory/thick/amazing/beautiful/meaty/juicy Benton’s bacon. You ready to head to Nashville yet? Could I catch a ride?

On Tuesdays the Grilled Cheeserie can usually be found parked in Sevier Park for the 12th South Farmers Market. In this ideal situation you can grab your grilled cheese and peruse through the different vendors.  Ask them about their production techniques, how they started, their mission/vision, and make sure to test their offerings. One thing I learned in Nashville is the people do what they are passionate about. They don’t start selling produce, meats, cheeses, breads, and baked goods just because. Each and every farmer and artesian creates with a love and vision.

Burger Up

This 12th South eatery features gourmet burgers. What type of meat do you want: Chicken? Bison? Beef? Benton’s Bacon? Lamb? Salmon? Turkey? Oyster? Whatever it may be they serve it up in a unique, but not too unique that it is no longer delicious sort of way. I ventured off and had the lamb burger which was finger licking good. I have also heard rave reviews about the bison burger and Woodstock (this one has Benton’s Bacon so I concur with the reviews).

The burger of your choice comes with a side of fries of your choice. Since there were two of us we split the truffle fries and the sweet potato fries. Both were DE-LIC-IOUS. You actually can’t go wrong – sorry I can’t help you with the decision making process. Also on the menu are appetizers, salads, and desserts (like any notable restaurant). We both had the house local salad, which proved to be a good choice. Our stomachs were full to the brim after the salad, burger, and fries, so when the dessert menu came around we regretfully said no. Looking back I should have made room for that dessert. With a menu that features an Olive & Sinclair dark chocolate brownie a la mode, a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Bread Pudding, and Jeni’s Ice Cream, I ask myself why in the world did I say no? I must have really felt full. Wait one second. I passed up Krispy Kreme bread pudding. Wow. Actual shame. Please do try it for me and describe in detail the delightful experience.

Happy eating and exploring until next time!



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