“A week in Nashville” – Day 3


Does the name ring a bell…maybe the adorable neighborhood dog? By no coincidence does this Hillsboro Village coffee shop share a name with friendly pups across the globe. This pet shop turned trendy café was easily my favorite place to grab a cup of bongo java coffee (their mother company, maybe sister company…lets just say they are related), get work done, chat with friends, and/or eat a delicious meal.


Centrally located, Hillsboro is a few blocks from Vanderbilt hospital and nestled between both older and newer neighborhoods.  As a result of location (and exquisite quality) Fido is cherished by a wide range of Nashvillians.


My first meal in Nashville took place here and boy did it set the bar high. Chicken noodle soup, the Eden Salad {Mache lettuce, granny smith apples, sun dried figs, berries, parmesan crisp, candied walnuts, feta, caramel-champagne vinaigrette}, and the local burger {ground beef and lamb, Tennessee cheddar, caramelized fennel, fig aioli, fried onion, pickle, and lettuce} all graced my taste buds that night (thanks mom for being the perfect sharing partner).

The next few visits to Fido included chocolate chip pancakes, McFido {Egg & cheese on bagel}, tomato soup, another Eden salad, and the liberal salad {mesclun, spided pecans, strawberries, noble dairy goat cheese, drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette}. This is one of those places where nothing on the menu disappoints. My last taste and memory of Fido is the Pink Cake. This pink cake was a topic of discussion each time Nancy Hopewell came into town.  She wanted it more than she wants a golden retriever puppy. This pink radio cake has a really neat story that involves an abundance of beets and a hatred of red food coloring. The cake was not a personal favorite, but if you are in to beet cake – give it a try!

 Belcourt Theater

After grabbing dinner at Fido – walk across the street to the Belcourt Theater to catch a feature film. This thriving theater has deep historic roots and a vision including enriching the community and sharing the power of film. One weekend when my mom came into town (the weekend of Porter Flea) we bought tickets and attended a showing on a whim. I will be honest, the theater was nothing fancy, but the amount of love and passion that was displayed through the staff was truly heartwarming.

Also while in Hillsboro Village, make sure to check out the stores. I found this to be the best place to find local and diverse shops and boutiques. I would always head to Hillsboro Village if I ever needed a gift or a fun place to browse.  My three favorites were Bookman {local book shop with hundreds of thousands of new and used books}, Pangea {eclectic shop with featuring clothing and gifts that are vintage, trendy, and everything in between}, and Davis Cookware & Cutlery Shop {specializes in kitchen ware}.

To finish the day off – whatever order you conquer Hillsboro Village – a perfect ending is with a La Paleta popsicle in hand from Hot & Cold. I strongly recommend the avocado…don’t cringe yet. The avocado pop tastes like vanilla with a smooth consistency that is drawn from the avocado. I’m not the avocado’s number one fan, but this pop brings it. Hot & Cold also features Bongo Java coffee, Olive & Sinclair chocolate, and Jeni’s Ice Cream. What’s better than the best Nashville has to offer?  Oh yeah, nothing.

Whatever way you enjoy Hillsboro Village, much is to be enjoyed!