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Here I Come Nashville

Sarah Tate Designs // Click for a link to her Etsy shop

Sarah Tate Designs // Click for a link to her Etsy shop

I started this blog a few months back to share my love of traveling and food. The combination of the two can truly make some great memories – as I have experienced. I wanted to share those “eats, explorations, and all things Elizabeth” so that:

#1 I could update family and friends on life in the coming months and life further down the road. This year will hold many adventures across the globe. I am currently interning in Nashville with a spectacular photographer. In addition to interning, I am exploring (mostly eating) my way through the beloved Music City.

#2 I can one day look back on what day-to-day life looked like. What memories were made, what food was eaten, and what fun times were had. Through badgering my mother about her life in college, early adulthood, and even when I was young – I realized when life comes we sometimes forget the small and precious things in life. (Mom if you are reading this, and I know you will, sorry for throwing you under the bus, but thanks for teaching me lessons even when you don’t realize it).

#3 To share my tid-bit of travel knowledge so that anyone and everyone that manages to find themselves to my lowly site can enjoy their time in various cities and towns around the globe. I am no Rhodes scholar. When it comes to sports – I can always count on getting picked last (and I understand why). Artistic? Painting gives me panic attacks. With all that said, my hobbies are few and my talents are scarce. I have accepted these things and moved on. Except, there are these two things I am actually proud to say that I am good at – traveling and eating. If those were subjects in school – I may have been a little more attentive!

These three things, along with some mid exam week boredom, brought me to creating this blog.

 Currently I am in Nashville interning with Weatherly Hulsey of BWH2 Productions. She is a phenomenal photographer that has taken me under her wings. In my free time I have been taking full advantage of the broad culinary spectrum here in Nashville. I am incredibly blessed to have some sweet friends in the city that are willing to explore Nashville with me.

Now that I am traveling and eating (remember, those are the things I am good at) my way through Nashville – there could be no more ample time to get back to blogging.

 I don’t plan to write with overtly eloquent words 😉 or to make my pictures resemble those that are on the cover of Country Living – so please don’t expect that. Expect a real girl, living out a life that I have been so blessed with, exploring, eating, and making memories. I would love for you to join me!

Be looking out for a post on Nashville – coming to a
computer near you soon. In the meantime feel free to check out my instagram account (@theregoesred) to keep up with current happenings!